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Spag Bol done right.

November 21, 2009

This is ridiculously well seasoned… I don’t want this to end. Like ever.  Why should I carry on about  the juicy mushrooms,  the meaty meat,  the sensual sauce? blah. they are just perfect bites..each bite gets better, and better…

Bolognese is a gateway drug.

I want  some shaved parmesan but I don’t need it….but why do I want it? I just can’t stop…It’s possible I am attempting to exploit something already great… I will not. there are lasagna possibilities. I must confess. and other possibilites. So I have this fantasy about scooping the incredible meat sauce, and basically using it as a body scrub. And eating it at the same time. …I have, the best kind of issues. Sigh.

I savor each perfect bite. I have waited, all week for this concoction. Cooked meticulously with love under heavy supervision of a watchful eye. It takes a team and 3 already opened tubes of tomato paste. Who’s counting?

I appreciate the ritual. I like the routine. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a superstitious cook who stirs and tastes with his favorite spoon. Shakes salt from relic containers that he can never find. Precise measurements of lean ground beef. ketchup squirts. The perfect salt water to submerge the spaghetti. organic this time.

I really shouldn’t eat it all but I do. anyway. It clears my mind. My confessional.

I want to do it all over again. He doesn’t believe me…

He will never understand how I taste his food.

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