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The Hen’s Egg

November 23, 2009

You see this picture?  It doesn’t look like much to you.

I realize.  but to me … it  is  an awakening…simply , my moment of clarity.            last night.  And it is food… so go figure.

My kama sutra shared with my dear lover.  My amuse bouche  preluding our  Culinary foreplay at Aziza.

Just a tiny La Creuset vessel. In transport  with what appears to be legumes of some sort… crispy beans in fact. nondescript buttons of bite.

A Chartreuse sprinkle of parsley. Cumino dances quietly,  but not alone  in the foreground…mysterious Charmoula is the skilled instructor.

A blanket, soft, resting, nestling, pulsating beneath the lemon and garlic..

Olive oil is the original voyeur ….The dominating silver fork… The fork that gently opened,  that simple starter.     And simultaneously awakened  the Hen’s egg.

Reveal and expose that Vitellus. Dripping golden yolk…fork to mouth with a bird’s menstruation. peck. peck.peck.

I know the difference between what’s right and what’s very wrong. What’s good and what’s pure  shite. I am speaking of food now….I really hate to say this-                  but ‘you had me at hello’. yeah, you really did. dammit Tom Cruise..I want more, and a bigger portion. A bigger spoon perhaps, and a bottomless bowl to hold it all.

Can one bowl hold the world?

When fork went to mouth, I changed. vexed. the spell. the chef. my lover. a knife. a spoon. a fork. oh my… and  I was in complete ———. temporarily verbally paralyzed.. my thoughts stated- yes, please, thank you, again.nod. nod. wink. Where am I?

O.k.listen closely, believe me when I say, this is what happened. I’m pretty sure it went down this way….

Alexa to Hen’s egg : Give me a spoon, I don’t want a fork. pour me another glass of that wicked good white nectar.

Hen’s egg to Alexa: Put your arms above your head. I am about to tie you up.  What next I will do to you,  is not even legal in Thailand….

Alexa to waiter: the spice must flow…keep em’ coming. Make sure that decisive  Romaine number follows next.. closely.

And what transpired after,  is a feeling comparable to meeting my partner for the first time…hello… you have an accent? I didn’t get that (insert appropriate modern  day transmission involving non-verbal comm.)




honest. inspiring. familiar. relief. comforting. encompassing. non-verbal. the essence. a little naughty..

again, repeat, again.thank you.

So what came first then?

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