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Sardines and Toast

November 24, 2009

Swollen ocean. Captivated,  captured and not released.  Evaporated salinity…. Broadback pilchard. shimmers. gleams. sparkles, while flopping still, between my hands. hands that bake the bread.

prolonged fennel. cream. sweet Ocean whispers. Ulva lactuca held tight.              swim upstream against worn rocks. and hot buttered bread.


Simply fish and bread.  Not – the distant cousin to the lobster roll.

Not – the upgraded ‘church key’ meets saltines. when camping. by candlelight.           Only the mermaid’s secret love affair with a Parisian bread baker. exposed.

Utensils are uninvited . hands that baked the bread, are hands that eat the bread. also. fish and loaves. the land and sea. clean tables and empty plates. polite.

Scales. smeared. across and into, unspecified sauce. Who are you?  with fingers. Perfect toast. bites. to mouth.

Slippery bites ( loo-brish-uhs)


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