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I love Food, so why the f*%ck didn’t my metabolism get the memo???

December 2, 2009

And memories of Wednesday past…

“I breathe in a ramen’s perfume and I’m still lost, still guessing, though I can isolate certain top notes: maybe scallions, quite possibly garlic, in a perfect world some sesame. I can make out the porky essence of the broth. With my spoon I plumb its depths and take in a mouthful, but a few players remain beyond reach. A few nuances, too. The taste of ramen isn’t just layered and complex; it’s almost murky, but a good murky, an enthralling murky, the kind of murky in which greedy eaters contentedly lose their way.”- Frank Bruni on his review of Ippudo

I get Frank, I understand him, I can relate to his complex torturous love affair with all things food, the deep emotions said love affair evokes, a possible pragmatic obsession with pork (if there is such a thing) and of course, the swallow..big double gulp.

If one single person has inspired me to jot down random thoughts (A.D.D. contained in type) about food in general, eating food, dreaming of food pairings and preparing food, that would be Frank.
With unusually large bare feet and heavily lined little hands, I have.

I loved the fact that he would generally use words like: arresting, slippery and naughty in his reviews. I blush (not really) at his description of the sound level at Macao:

“When crowded, sadistic.”
Apparently I share in his enthusiasm for experiencing great pleasure through a bit of pain and a large helping from food, on a plate..sometimes. On a plate that is.
There’s also that comfort in knowing it’s acceptable to deeply, deeply, deeply, enjoy food…surrender to a plate of pork belly from Catalan, and be dragged across most any starter plate at Aziza, happily kicking and screaming..yes, really.

With much inspiration from Frank Bruni I have begun to attempt to write about food and the pork belly, I mean passion, it brings me. I miss those Wednesdays of unrestraint and intrigue through another diner’s eyes and mouth. sure do.

openly obsessed foodies. united. certainly. emerged from hidy holes no longer hidden, and taco trucks no longer forbidden that happily serve sweetbreads with cilantro and onion. and  yet still sign-less pho shops. trendy..and high-end local Sushi joints where whole squid is delicately grilled whole. always. Raw oysters are touching. Onyx rooms where  sauce is King, butter flows, brown and toasty. Heavy cream is heavy and not omitted. Fingers wrapped around deconstructed Cevap, murmurs of a premier league in the distant, super sweet Coca-cola, bacon knows its place in a burger. always rare and juicy. red meat.

Cheese and bread will never make you fat.

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