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Chicken liver pate

February 18, 2010

It all started with Tuesday. I was behind schedule on making my King Cake cupcakes, (the ones in fact I kept boasting I’d be making) and as I realized it was in fact Fat Tuesday, all I could think of was celebrating with a Pimm’s cup, and a nice smothered  roast beef po-boy at Napoleon House in the Quarter, or maybe with champagne and that simple but unforgettable  starter of Chicken livers on pepper jelly toast ala Donald Link at Cochon. But I was not in New Orleans, I was actually far from it. I live in California.

My options were to venture into the city in search of some Mardi Gras festivities(how good could this be?) on lower Fillmore or stay in and cook my own New Orleanian inspired meal with the absence of Pimm’s but with a deep love of Nola.

Bruno’s( sounded good (bacon palmiers perhaps?), but it wasn’t the  right Bruno’s, and the other choices seemed so, so.  I had also been advised  that by nightfall, the lower Fillmore was not the preferred destination to be.

The Warrior’s were playing the Lakers (a predicted landslide), so I decided to play it safe, stay in and watch the game and prepare my own meal, in the spirit of Nola and Mardi Gras.. Needless to say I inadvertently ended up making Chicken liver pate, which is never a bad thing. And let me just say, I am finding it hard to not get up in the middle of the night, open the cutlery drawer, sneak open the  fridge, and delicately spread that luscious livery mixture on just about anything crispy, or soft, or just straight off the fork.

Accidents are sometimes really, really damn good…

The livers were frozen, so I decided to speed up the process by simmering the container in warm water. The outside pieces began to cook, the middle remained raw. My plan to flour them and fry them, was not going to happen.

Plan B: move forward with Jambalaya rice mixture (thank you Zatarains), add chorizo to the mix,  flour and fry the dover sole (that I had picked up on special at the local Whole Foods) and serve this with the rice mixture. I deglazed the pain I cooked the chorizo in (after much of the fat was drained) with some clam juice, white cooking wine and worchestire sauce. Then I threw in some rosemary, and poached the livers in the liquid. I simply drained the liquid, cooled the livers in the freezer, while the crostini was toasting. Then I added the cooled livers to the blender, with a touch of salt and pepper, heavy cream to blend, and there you have it. Simple goodness, that I can’t get enough of.

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  1. February 18, 2010 10

    I absolutely love goose and chicken liver pate’, been years since i`ve had it and this post has reminded me whats missing on my next dinner menu.

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