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Sol Food

March 19, 2010

I drove out to the Target in Novato last week to get a juicer, and on the way back I stopped off in San Rafael for some lunch at a popular Puerto Rican restaurant called Sol Food. The restaurant has 2 locations, one on Lincoln and the other on 4th street.

The 4th street location has limited seating (note the photo above with empty seats that lasted literally 2 minutes). Having heard good things about this place I decided to check it out for lunch. To my knowledge, it’s the only Puerto Rican restaurant in Marin County. It’s great for take away, as it appeared a lot of people had called in orders for pickup. You can also eat there if you don’t mind crouching on a stool under a palm tree, as I did, while eating next to friendly strangers. Or you can patiently wait, for a seat at the counter to become available. Prices are right (under 15$) and the portions are generous. The food is also freshly made and well prepared, and the counter staff is quite friendly and entertaining during the lunch rush.

The Jibaro

grilled steak, lettuce, tomato, garlic mayo, sandwiched between tostones.

The sandwich in my opinion, was flavorful but neutral tasting in a non-spicy way. I spent several years working as a server in a Cuban restaurant, so I am familiar with the similarities between Puerto Rican and Cuban food, yet respectful of the distinguished differences between the two cultures. Sol Food also makes a Cuban Sandwich that I’d like to try when I go back. If you want to add some spiciness to what you’ve ordered, there are roaming bottles of an orange-colored hot sauce that you can generously douse your food with. I recommend the douse. The sauce is really good.

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