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June 15, 2010

The temperatures have increased this past week. Not blistering Texas or sometimes NYC Summer hot, but warm. In the high 80’s. You are probably wondering what exactly I am complaining about then. High 80’s? That’s a cold front in some places. Let me explain. The high 80’s feels like 95 degrees when you have no central air condition in your residence. Yes, that’s right. No A.C. at home. Many people (and I do mean many) do not have central air condition in the Bay area. The reason? Well I guess it just never gets hot enough to need A.C., people generally open windows and doors allowing for a nice cross-breeze and after all, the summer months in the Bay are known for being very foggy and not very hot. Mark Twain said something about this, or did he?

On the upside, the heat has been nice (because I like hot weather), it feels like summer and I’ve managed to muster a sweat from my glands. Subsequently I have wanted to eat very cold foods (hence the cold summer salad I previously made) and drink very cold wine. An earlier dinner this week involved lightly seared salmon steak with slices of avocado and very sweet peaches. It was a nice light refreshing meal that paired nicely with the ceviche and cold beer.

As I shed a small tear for the Hill Country peaches I am not eating this summer, I am enjoying this very sweet and delicious California watermelon and relishing in some very decent crops of Peaches coming from the local farmers markets. Yeah for summer fruit! I plan on pickling this watermelon rind next.

I made this quick and easy ceviche this week and paired it with slices of watermelon, papaya and avocado.

Please keep in mind,most of my savory cooking doesn’t involve precise measurements. I just create as I am cooking. Do what works for you. In baking, I always follow the recipe.

Red Snapper Ceviche

1 fillet  of Red Snapper (about half a pound)

juice of 1 orange and 1 lemon

rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili flakes, salt

fresh basil, cucumber

to garnish: avocado, watermelon, papaya


Cut the fish into small bite size pieces and place in a non-metallic bowl.

Add enough juice of the citrus and the vinegar,oil– to cover fish.

Add basil (julienne) and slices of cucumber.

Sprinkle with salt.

Toss together, and marinate. Go and cool off with a Negra Modelo or a glass of icy Miner Viognier, for a few hours.

Serve in a glass or bowl and garnish with chopped papaya, watermelon and avocado.

Works with with tortilla chips, saltine crackers or on a bed of chopped napa cabbage or frisee.

You might also serve it in a carved out cantaloupe, watermelon or papaya.

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