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June 27, 2010

At about this time last year I was living in Austin. It was summer, a real summer and it was a particularly hot summer. The temperatures soared high and as relentess as Texas heat can be, they didn’t budge. The numbers were in the triple digits last year and held steady for more than 2 months straight. It was a heat wave to say the very least and in that types of climate it’s advisable to be out of the sun between the hours of 9 a.m. to about 7 p.m., consume a lot of liquids (water, juice, Margaritas) and a lot of cold summer fruit (glorified liquid) like watermelon.

On an interesting (if I can use the word) note, if it hadn’t been a major heat wave, I’d have never ended up in a movie theater watching Julie & Julia (instead of District 9), taking refuge from the heat, while on a blind date, with a man who likes to wear white sneakers, and who doesn’t mind that I sometimes sweat, indoors.

Summer 2009: Watermelon, triple creme brie, cuban basil, olive-mint sauce

Here I am, a year later, another summer, with much different temperatures. Summer in the Bay, is un-summer like. Though we’ve had some warm days, the weather is known for consistent fog and slightly chilly. Spring and Fall are quite lovely and moderate, sunny and pleasant. I guess in a way it’s a blessing that I am not suffering(with Margaritas) through another hot Texas summer. I’ve certainly had my fill in the last 30 something years. I am enjoying the coolness, thankful for the breeze(hello wind) and welcome the fluctuation of temperatures (like Texas) on a weekly basis. Last week we had a day of heat, it might have climbed to mid 80’s, I had some watermelon left in the fridge so I decided to make Paletas.

Watermelon Paletas

For one, I’ve been slightly consumed with the Rick Bayless show Mexico, One Plate at a Time. I love it, I think it’s a fun show. I also enjoy cooking, how shall I say, with Latin flair. I’d like to say I cook Mexican food, but it really is Tex-Mex and when I use ingredients found in Mexican cooking, it sometimes isn’t a Mexican dish I am making. After all, cilantro is found in cooking across the world, not just Mexico. Thankfully (for some) you will not find cilantro in these Paletas. Just watermelon sweetened with agave, spiced with chili powder and cooled with mint. Sweet, spicy and drippy when over 75 degrees outside.

In a blender I combined about 4 cups watermelon, 1/4 cup water, a bit of chopped mint, a squeeze of agave syrup (sweetened to taste), pinch of salt, and a dash of chili powder (to taste). Then I froze the liquid in these molds and later enjoyed under the slight warmth of sun. You can also use paper cups with popsicle sticks, which was what I had planned to do, until I happened upon these fun molds (from Ross!).

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