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August 3, 2010


What is it – that we love about blogging? ‘I blog there, for I am’ is what some have said.

We are open to sharing with others (the public), everything from what it is we are doing. Where we are going and what we are eating (right now) . What we are wearing and by whom. Our basic likes and dislikes. Quite essentially -who it is we are. Or want people to think we are.

What is it- that we deeply enjoy reading about other people? Is it the lives of others we find fascinating? (hence the sub-culture of You Tube).

I am personally intrigued and inspired by- the real life, the every day, the fantasy and the artistry of the Blogs that I read. Some blogs are all about food and dining. Some are exclusively about what people are cooking( in their personal spare time) and others may be about Fashion, Design, Style and Culture.

The voyeur in all of us, enjoys to linger, enjoys to  imagine the lives of others and how they play out. We read Blogs and we leave comments. We become hungry. We also want to shop, to create, to decorate, style ourselves differently to cook, to run, to just do. This connects us to each other. It reminds us of both are similarities and our differences. For me it is a reminder that my love of food is not in vain and my fetish for eating -is not isolated, but a shared experience by others. Many, many others.

This is my second blog. My first blog I created around 2004 and then put to rest a few years later.  Why? Well it was time. I was ready to close that chapter. Maybe I became bored and had nothing else to say….I was over exposing myself, my life, my ktichen.  At the time that I was blogging, I distinctively remember reading the now celebrated blog Nordljus and thinking, what a beautiful revelation this is. The images were just spectacular. And the incredible creations cooked by a woman who was completely self-taught in the kitchen were visually astounding perfection.

I followed the blogs of both Orangette and Gluten-Free Girl, when each first began blogging (respectively). I read their lives as they both cooked, created, fell in love, got married, published a book and had a baby (Gluten-free Girl). Part Truman show part reality-life blogging, as a reader I became close to the characters (the blog character) and was riveted in relating to these bloggers on a human level.

In my mind, it is refreshing inspiration (or can be) to read blogs.The Blogosphere is a powerful and positive dynamic to the WWW (in my opinion). There are a myriad of web pages I could surf on the web (and sometimes do), but I find Blog browsing just incredibly entertaining. The sights I frequent, bring me constant inspiration, simple pleasure and I am constantly amazed to read and discover the boundless creativity that is out there.

Blogs I read now are both Food related, but also about popular Culture, Style, Photography, Fashion and Design.

Here are a few of my favorites right now I thought I’d share.

Food related

Last Night’s Dinner

Chaos in the Kitchen

Homesick Texan

Sprouted Kitchen

La Tartine Gourmand

The Wednesday Chef


Ulterior Epicure

Eggs on Sunday

A Side of Pretentious

Sunday- Suppers

Fashion related

Sea of Shoes

A Lovely Evening

Oh Joy!

Cupcakes and Cashmere

Pakalolo Style

Everything Fabulous

Fashion Toast

The Sartorialist

Many of these are links on the sidebar of this site. I really enjoy all of these blogs for the interesting and inspiring content as well as the fabulous photography of images by many accidental-photographers. And of course I enjoy the excess of deliciousness!

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  1. August 6, 2010 10

    What a great post! I feel the same. I can spend hours just creeping – finding inspiration, opinions, laughter, and the bizarre.


  1. The Blogs I Read « pakalolostyle

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