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August 8, 2010

I can spend an entire day reading Cookbooks. When the weather is cold and foggy like it has been, I’m tempted to curl up on the couch immersed in these books and only take a break to refill my cup of tea. Incidentally, peppermint tea with lemon might be my new latte.

I have a diverse cookbook collection.  It’s a bit decadent, a bit beautiful and a bit healthy and approachable. Just like the way I approach both eating and cooking. I have the gorgeous coffee table cookbooks – Alinea and The Fat Duck Cookbook that I enjoy flipping through from time to time. I can’t imagine I’d ever make any recipe from either of these books. I also can’t imagine I’ll ever eat at either of these restaurants. But I have the books all the same and I imagine (on my bucket list) what it might be like to experience a meal at both restaurants. The layout, compositions and images of the dishes are absolutely incredible.

I get many great ideas from the Jose Andres Tapas cookbook and from the Barcelona Restaurant cookbook. Made in Spain, The Jose Andres show on PBS is one of my favorites. Jose as a T.V. personality is quite entertaining. He exudes naturalness, and it’s as though someone just pushed him in front of a camera and said, “O.k. now speak, and now cook”. As I’m always looking for new ways to keep it simple, when deciding what to make for dinner..(and I do try).. both these books are solid for ideas and inspiration.. I also appreciate the straightforward approach to Spanish Tapas in general. Sardines and Toast or Chorizo and Peas with Mint are a few of my go to dishes, when in a crunch.

The Momofuku is also a favorite acquisition right now, simply because every recipe in the book looks absolutely delicious. I’m definitely a fan of his fusion/cutting edge/New American way of cooking and use of ingredients. Just looks brilliant. Eating at Momofuku is on my personal list and I’m intrigued to see if it lives up to all the hype. The unrestrained words of David Chang via Peter Meehan are also very entertaining. I’ve enjoyed reading about how he got started in the business and how he opened Momofuku. His frequency in dropping the fuku-bomb helps the read as well.

Then there’s Dessert Fourplay by the incredible Pastry Chef Johnny Iuzzini. I. love. this. book. So much inspiration. Can’t decide if I like his Chocolate or Summer chapter the best. I sometimes just leave the book open on the coffee table, flipped to some random page in the book. I’m not sure why. Why fight guilt when you can just display it?

Sadly enough, I still haven’t read Born Round by Frank Bruni. I’ve had this book since it was released last winter and had ample time to read it while getting sun stroke on a Miami Beach last December. I should be ashamed. Really. Frank Bruni is my personal obsession. What is worse- shame or guilt?

Opening the pages (more than once) of the Robuchon book is next on my agenda. What is it about this cookbook that frightens me? Is it the no pictures aspect or the fact that it sits there and stares at me like a Bible. I’ll probably flip open the book with my eyes closed, and just tackle the first recipe I land on..turns out it is–Veal Filet Mignon with Tagliatelle, Bell Peppers and Mushrooms. Here goes..

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  1. August 9, 2010 10

    I enjoy Jose Andre’s PBS show too. I also love Lidia’s Italy. I’ve made her chicken and rice dish before and love it. It’s basically an Italian version of arroz con pollo.

    • August 9, 2010 10

      Lidia’s Italy is great! love her simplistic approach…PBS is great for cooking shows in general…I have a healthy obsession with the Rick Bayless show -Mexico, One Plate at a Time…both Rick and Jose are currently clogging the DVR.

      • August 16, 2010 10

        I tried to make a reservation at Topolopobamboosomethingorother when I was in Chicago…2 month wait! Oh well, next time.

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