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Almond Butter, Dates, Salt

August 10, 2010

Almond Butter stuffed Dates with Kosher Salt

This is currently my new food obsession. Or one of my new food obsessions. I had these very simple stuffed dates for the first time, at a Baby Shower last month, and I really can’t get over how good they are.

I was responsible for the desserts while Neka was responsible for the Savory. I had the pleasure of working with her earlier this year at a Spa retreat she organized and facilitated at Stinson Beach. Neka is an amazing Chef (both Raw and non-Raw food) and practitioner of healthy living. She is also incredibly inspiring, as just being in her presence in the kitchen, and eating her amazing food is bound to make anyone want to give up the fried chicken. Even Texans like me.

At the shower she served things like egg salad (nostalgia) and chicken salad on brioche rolls, open-faced sandwiches of hummus, red peppers and mixed greens. Oh, and then there were the slices of brie topped with a raspberry and drizzled with local honey. She also served these dates and I stood at the table eating one after another. This combination slapped me silly and I liked it. I’ve had several types of stuffed dates in the past (you know the kind that I mean) , but somehow the Almond Butter ones had snuck past my radar.

I’ve found a few other recipes (if you can call them that) for the Almond Butter stuffed Dates on the Web, here and here.


Remove the pit of the date by slicing it lengthwise with a knife or a dull prison implement.

Add about a teaspoon of Almond Butter to the center of each date.

sprinkle with *Salt.

* I like the coarse Kosher salt. Many people like the pure Himalayan Salt. I think Fleur de Sel (9 bucks, just next to the truffles and the duck fat) would also work just as well.

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