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Ceviche, again

August 23, 2010

Sorry to offer you yet another Ceviche post. What can I say? I like Ceviche, I rarely get bored with it. It’s fresh, flavorful and quite effortless to make. Chop, marinate, eat. Just about that simple.

I made this a couple of weeks ago after a Saturday visit to the Farmers Market. The Heirloom tomatoes were gorgeous and abundant at the market, so I picked up a container with a mixed assortment. The tomatoes don’t need much embellishment (beside a sprinkle of salt and drizzle of olive oil), so I thought they’d be a nice accompaniment to a light and slightly spicy marinated fish mixture.

More often than not, I have unused scraps of Salmon left over from the previous night’s dinner. I save them for the purpose of making Ceviche the next day.  In this case, I cut the sections into bite size pieces and put them in a small bowl. I chopped half of a Serrano pepper (including seeds) into a tiny dice, added cubed pieces of a fresh plum, a handful or so of English peas and a chiffonade of basil.

In a bowl I whisked together the juice of 1 orange, half a lemon, white wine vinegar, maple syrup and sesame oil. I didn’t actually measure any of the ingredients, but I tasted for flavor as I add each one. The liquid was poured over the fish, peas, plums, pepper, basil, then tossed together and left to marinate for a few hours, until the fish was cooked through. When the mixture was ready I spooned it into a half of an avocado and served it along side slices of heirloom tomatoes. I ate this for lunch and also for dinner. The same day. Perfect with a glass of Miner Family Viognier.

And if it seems that I’m eating healthy and that From Lips to Fingers is filled with nothing but carrot sticks and stuffed dates, well it is. It’s no secret I dine out a lot and I love a plate of pork belly like the next person (maybe a little more), but at home I generally cook quite fresh and healthy. Eating out is a chance to order and enjoy food/dishes I’d never make at home. When I eat out, I usually order the decadent good stuff and splurge because I know I’ll never make bacon marmalade to smear across hot bacon griddled bread topped with roasted bone marrow…As much as I love that dish, I simply can’t eat that way every day. Or, at least, I shouldn’t.

I’m attempting a return to my roots (which is part granola-crunching, part bacon donut-loving) and curtailing my dining out habits (somewhat). Though, I will do my last piece about Memorable Meals this year (because I do have more) and then you can sit back and read about a big bowl of chopped celery with fresh tomatoes, garbanzo beans and maybe a bit of bacon..moderation and balance. And survival.

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