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More than food

October 2, 2010

I arrived in SF last year with a knife in one hand, a spatula in the other and a flower in my back pocket. Things have been quite busy and quite fun lately. My floral work (which you can read about on Flower Baar) is keeping me occupied and I haven’t had the free time to post anything about what I’m cooking (when not cutting stems) or where I’ve been eating (and I promise I have been).

I thought I’d share an image from a wedding I executed (for a designer I work with)  in Napa a few weeks ago. The client wanted soft pink colors to accompany touches of sea blue, so the designer chose fragrant  garden roses, Queen Anne’s lace , mint sprigs and gorgeous pink dahlias that would be clustered in vases on each table. The look was certainly spring-like (pale pink with shades of green), which seems odd in late summer, but using non-seasonal colors does happen sometimes. Who says you can’t use soft colors and spring inspired flowers in Summer?

This is one of the great things about California. The growing season is longer here because the climate is somewhat consistent. Somewhat.. The tables turned out gorgeous and the weather cooperated and was just perfect for a Summer day in Napa (sunny and cool).

I will be posting a food tidbit soon, very soon. It’s much to do about corn and the end of Summer. Fall is here, if not already in our backseat and I am so excited about gourds, crispy leaves, figs, green apples and the color orange..though I’m sure by the end of November I will be ready to say goodbye to the color orange..C’est la vie.

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