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Medium to Small bites

November 2, 2010

With prices like this, it’s hard to resist small bites or any bites at Lung Fung Bakery on Clement street.

I was meeting a friend at Pho Garden one afternoon for lunch and happen to walk by this nondescript little bakery. Coconut Buns had been fresh in my mind earlier that day, and I was plotting and planning to make a trip to King’s Bakery for one. Lung Fung offers two kinds of Coconut Buns. I sampled both (for good measure).

Both good, I preferred the first Bun. It was soft and warm and the filling was a delicate  coconut custard. The second bun was more like a coconut tart than a bun. Neither had a overwhelmngly strong coconut flavor, just subtle enough to let you know it’s coconut. All the buns are kept in a hot box to keep them warm. As soon as I opened the little paper bag, a wonderful smell wafted out. The smell of fresh-baked bread is distinctive and this particular aroma took me back to a school field trip to Mrs. Baird’s Bakery. In Texas, no school year is complete without a walking tour of the Mrs. Baird’s bread factory (or a trip to the state capital). The constant smell of fresh-baked bread permeates the air and saturates your clothes. At the end of the tour you’re rewarded with, what else, a slice of fresh-baked bread. The smell of coconut bun #1 from Lung Fung took me all the way back to that memory.

Speaking of childhood memories, who doesn’t like yogurt with their fruity pebbles?

Frozen yogurt at Yotopia in the Mission

That’s just what I was served up at Yotopia. For some reason, fruity pebbles are my favorite topping on frozen yogurt. The yogurt wasn’t that bad either.

And Pop tarts are making a comeback, it seems. They seem to be popping up on dessert menus and in bakeries here and there. I had this delicious one at Cibo here in Sausalito. Cibo has become my go to place for many things, specifically really good coffee in the morning..The cornettis and breakfast breads are also incredible and they serve BlueBottle beans. The baristas know how to make an incredible cappuccino and that’s certainly one of the reasons I keep going back. I love sitting on their little patio (front parking lot) in the late afternoon, enjoying a cup of coffee and a slice of something decadent from the case.

damn good Pear pop tart at Cibo

I just have to include this small bite bit into the post. It is so ridiculous and actually quite funny (in retrospect). I tweeted about my disdain for the Oracle arena making some major changes to the food commisarry. It seems The Levy group has taken over. The food commissary. And made some terrible decisions in their downsizing and eliminations. The Deadliest Catch, I mean Nothing but Net, has simply vanished from the Oracle arena (gone off the deep end) and I can’t help but wonder if anyone else is bothered (f*%king pissed). You see, prior to every Warriors game upon arrival,we would make our pilgrimage to the team store and then follow this by a visit to Nothing but Net before taking our seats. Fish & Chips and a plastic cup filled with Red Hook, is how we began each game. The fish was flaky and the fries were crisp. I smothered my fish in tabasco and vinegar and took great pleasure in dipping my chips in the tartar sauce. It wasn’t the best meal I’ve ever had, but it was good, and it was tradition. I like good and I like tradition. Both are gone.

They’ve also done away with Ribs N Things (also at the Oracle) which is even more outrageous. I’ve actualy enjoyed one of the best plates of pork ribs outside of Texas and the wickedest slice of chocolate cake from Ribs N Things. I dreamt of that cake. That cake was special. It was so layered we had to take it with us. It was enjoyed seriously the next night. Gone and gone. Thank you Levy group. Assholes.

Meal for two. $50 deal at the Oracle arena

Here’s what you can expect to get now. Yesterday’s hot dog, one your dog won’t even want to eat (it was that bad) and a Jr. Cheeseburger (McDonald’s is better).We also had 2 orders of fries ($6) each and 2 beers. Yum, Yum..

Moving on to happy thoughts, I thought I’d share a picture of  SF’s first Breakfast Taco. To my mind the first one ever made in SF, as I’ve never seen them anywhere in the Bay. Clearly it’s a Texas thing.

Egg, bacon and cheese Breakfast Taco. It’s not a myth

Orale Orale on Sacramento & Drumm

If you happen to be down in Financial District stop by Orale Orale and ask Alex to make you a Breakfast Taco. He is really sweet and said he had thoughts on revamping his menu. He was also more than  happy to make me one (after admitting he had never heard of such a thing) and said he’ll try to make anything not on the menu. I need to go back and see if he’s added Texas-style breakfast tacos to his menu. If he isn’t doing it, you can also come to my place for breakfast and I’ll be happy to make you some.

Breakfast tacos at Casa Jorge

On Thursdays I’ve been finding my way to the Ferry Building for lunch. I’ve had the pleasure of trying several of the food stalls and I’m getting used to the Thursday lunch thing.

Pork Ramen at Hapa

The Pork ramen was perfect one chilly Thursday for lunch. I loved the bits of squash tucked between the noodles. My only wish was that I had kicked up the heat with some spice on their condiment table. Next time.

I’ve stopped by Arlequin several times before, for a cookie and cupcake. I really love the cocoa nib-huckleberry combination I had once before. On a past Thursday I couldn’t resist trying this seasonal beauty.

Cream cheese filled Squash cupcake with Brown Butter frosting

Pure bliss to go with a New Orleans style ice coffee from Blue Bottle.

Last but never ever least is the Porchetta sandwich from Roli Roti. Now I’ve been to Saturday’s market and always wondered why the line was so damn long at Roli Roti. Always snaked around the building almost. Thursdays are no different. The line at Roli Roti is always the longest. Could it be the chicken? What the heck is it? So one day I stood in a shorter line and ordered the chicken and rosemary potatoes. Then I thought to myself, what is the big deal? Turns out people don’t wait for the chicken, no sir. They are waiting for the Porchetta sandwich. Porchetta,Porchetta, Porchetta. Oh yes, the Porchetta.

Porchetta sandwich at Roli Roti

This is out.of.control.good. This past Thursday, I took the plunge and waited in line, with the other addicts, for about 45 minutes for this sandwich. It was absolutely worth the wait. And I’ll do it again…soon. This is one of the best sandwiches ever.


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