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Green Apple

November 5, 2010

I’ve always had a thing for green apples. I don’t know when exactly it started, but they are definitely my preferred choice when it comes to apples. They seem to have always been around me and I don’t mind that. The apple pictured above spent some time with me, tucked away in my bag, during a long day of work in the city. I had just about forgotten it was in there, until it came tumbling out while I was sorting through things later in the night and switching bags. The apple emerged un-bruised and in good shape. Much unlike how I felt after the end of that day.

Maybe I like green apples because they are durable and tolerant. I know I’m able to reach deep into my worn tote, while waiting for the Muni, or walking down Sutter, grab that apple and just take a bite. Yes, I’m that person on the Ferry, crunching loudly into the apple in the early hours of the morning. Though at that hour, at least I’m not shouting into a cell phone.

Favorite combination for green apples include crunchy peanut butter, preferably 365 brand. Though I like peanut butter so much I usually eat it off a spoon. This post is not about peanut butter, it’s about white cheddar and green apples in a quesadilla.

White cheddar & Green apple quesadilla

Quesadillas are one of the things I began to “cook” at a young age, when I had no idea even how to cook. I’m not sure if I was ever taught how to make one. I just somehow began making them. Making a quesadilla isn’t exactly Calculus, or Neuroscience, I’d like to think it’s just simple, something everyone can do (unlike the prior). Or perhaps it’s just a part of my DNA.

Fillings may vary, but what should remain is some sort of cheese to meld it together. Flour or corn tortillas work fine. I prefer corn for some reason, I guess it makes me feel healthier when eating all that cheese.

Eventually I’ll acquire a Comal to warm my tortillas and cook my quesadillas on. In the tradition, I’m waiting for my mom to pass hers on to me. She isn’t ready to give it up yet and I completely understand (I’m ready for it Mom;). She likes quesadilla too.

Green apple & White cheddar Quesadilla-simplest recipe ever

1/4 green apple- thinly sliced

shredded white cheddar cheese, or a few pieces thinly sliced

2 corn tortillas


On one tortilla arrange cheese and apple.

Top with the other tortilla.

Place in a dry saute pan with heat on medium. Cook on both sides until cheese melted and tortilla toasted.

Top with salsa verde.

*If you don’t have white cheddar, Brie works just as well and is just as good.


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