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January 10, 2011

When the sun is peaked and shining bright, I don’t mind the cold weather (as much).

Unfortunately, the sun has not been bright, nor has it been shining.

We’ve had about a week (or more) of cold and sunless weather. It is beginning to become excessively gloomy. I’m not one of the few who likes dark, dreary and excessively gloomy.

So I tend to combat days and weeks like this by avoiding the grey and black uniform (favored by many in San Francisco). And opting to wear bright colors, like pink and yellow and lime green (but preferably not together).

This seems to help uplift the personal atmosphere just a bit. Chocolate also helps as well.

Daffodils and Forsythia have also come into season and citrus is over flowing at the markets. It is starting to look like spring. Now if only the sun would cooperate.

I have a thing with Meyer lemon. I’m kinda into Meyer lemon. I like it a lot. When it is in season, oh boy do I get excited. I like to be excited. Meyer lemon is currently in season. So, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m a little excited..

And I will most definitely making a batch of Meyer lemon curd soon. Relaxed, inside a buttery tart shell and topped with pink peppercorn meringue. It. is. phenomenal. Oh, Meyer lemon, how I adore thee.

*Candied Meyer lemon and Grapefruit peel

Remove the peel of the citrus and save the fruit for another purpose (like squeezing into water or eating for a snack).

Cut the peel into strips. These can be perfectly straight and uniformed pieces or they can be natural and rustic. You decide.

Blanch peels in boiling water for several minutes. Strain. Then repeat process a second time.

Next simmer peels in equal parts sugar and water (simple syrup) for about an hour. Remove peels from the syrup and let them cool and harden for several hours or overnight.

The syrup can be saved for other purposes (hello cocktails).

When the peels are completely cooled and hardened they are ready to be dipped in chocolate. You can also just roll them in sugar and eat them this way.

I dipped the grapefruit peels halfway, in melted chocolate and let them harden on parchment paper.

For the Meyer lemon peel, I dipped it completely in melted chocolate and  also let them harden on the parchment paper. When the chocolate had set I rolled the chocolate covered Meyer lemon peel in cocoa powder.

*Works well when paired with red wine, champagne and or gloomy weather.

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