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Meatless Month. Well almost.

January 25, 2011

I felt it was time for a break. I had just about had it. All of it. And I was, completely, most definitely, over it.

Hi my name is Alexa, and I am a meat lover.

I’m speaking of hot sizzled flesh. Pork (and all of its pleasured parts), Beef, Lamb, Veal, Turkey, Buffalo, Rabbit, Venison, Chicken, and any terrine, forcemeat, or charcuterie derived from said meat parts. Over it, I was.

photo: Hawkes Wine Blog

In 2010, I think (actually, I know) I indulged once too many on a belly, a foot, a snout, a tongue and tail. Just fed to the brim like Foie prepping goose, I was exhausted from my capacity to consume pieces of cooked animal flesh. I vowed to go meatless for a month. Or, at least, almost a month.

So on the second day of January, after I had eaten the ubiquitous serving of Black-eyed peas laced with bacon and arugula, I tucked away any and all thoughts of cooked flesh.

A few reasons why I went meatless:

1) Motivated completely by no other reason than to detox my innards (like a sausage). I’ve just felt the effect of my digestion when I don’t eat meat every day and I like it. My body feels lighter. My bowels are greener. You get the picture. Vividly, I hope.

2) I’ve heard it takes anywhere from 20 hrs. to 90 hrs. to digest red meat. I’m leaning more toward the former, but all the same that is quite a bit of time for your stomach and digestion to break down last night’s steak.

3) When I lived alone, I generally never cooked meat for dinner. I’d eat it if I was out, but most meals usually consisted of legumes and grains. My waist size also reflected this. I miss that waist size.

The month went great (so far). I lasted about 20 days meatless. I did sneak in some chicken liver mousse made especially for the Golden Globes a few weeks ago. Somehow I feel that doesn’t count. Entirely.

So last Saturday we dined at Gitane. I had a feeling the food might be hit or miss, but I admit I was lured by the images of a luxe interior and a backdoor entrance. Oh, settle down. Yes the entrance was in the back, and the interior was a delight in that mirrored ceiling, padded doors, red and black sort of way. A bit like eating inside Agent Provocateur. But with more women and fewer mannequins.

On the menu were bacon bon-bons. Bacon wrapped prunes in balsamic glaze. I was willing and I was ready. And, in the end, I was largely disappointed. I like my bacon wrapped anything more on the crispy side. That’s just me. These were not. I now hang my head low and regret giving it up (meatless month) for some very limp and very disappointing bacon-claiming bon-bons.

I plan now to limit still my consumption. Once a week, perhaps twice. My limits can be fluid at times.

Here’s how I distracted myself this month. With beets….

I do enjoy Beets. Here they are in all of their glory with red cabbage slaw, flax, oranges, chevre. I can and will eat this for days. When I’m not reacquainting myself with luscious, gorgeous, unforgettably wicked crispy bacon.

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