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Superbowl snacks

February 7, 2011

I’m not a football fan and never have been. I do originate from Texas (Have you been yet? It’s bigger than France). This is a place where football is considered a religion, a necessary past-time, and the official state sport (after hunting). With all things considered, I really should be a football fan. Perhaps growing up I endured far too many Sundays (and Mondays) to count, where our one and only television was dominated by a Cowboys game. Even on Saturdays, I do not bleed orange.

When it comes to the annual Super Bowl game I don’t mind watching in good company.  The spectacle and event can be quite entertaining when you’re drinking beer in the middle of the afternoon and noshing on spicy chicken wings. By ‘spectacle’ I am referring to the hugely anticipated (sometimes anticipated) half time show. I remember distinctively when half time shows were exciting. In 2004.


This year, The Black Eyed Peas performed as glow sticks with Usher. I could have sworn they performed last year, or the year before that…and what’s unfortunate is that The Black Eyed Peas came out with one really great album (which I own) in 1998. Fame and plastic surgery will consume you. They’re proof that good things just don’t last. Unless it is honey or wine.

Last year, I made sliders and chili con queso. Strangely, I can’t recall who played or who won, but I remember what I cooked. This year I wanted to keep it really, really simple. Admittedly, I was close to buying mini pizza bites from the frozen section of the grocery. I know it’s wrong. I also thought of picking up a bucket of fried chicken. I didn’t. So in the spirit of feeling a bit retro and a bit lazy I decided to make deviled eggs.

Crabmeat deviled eggs with dill


I also did make a stop at the freezer section. For edamame.

Edamame with mint, kosher salt and sesame oil

I was in the mood for some nostalgic comfort food like Tex-Mex Nachos. Specifically refried bean and cheese topped with a pickled jalapeno. The taste is unforgettable and I am transported back to old school Tex-Mex restaurants like Matt’s El Rancho. Just wish I’d had the salt-rimmed margarita to accompany.

Bean and cheese nachos with pickled jalapeno

I also had some left over crabmeat so decided to make a second batch of nachos.

Crabmeat nacho with avocado and queso fresco

Today, I can’t help but think that somewhere in Wisconsin there is a dog named Magic who is recovering from the festivities of the Green Bay Packers win. And last night’s chili.



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