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Crunchy and Juicy

March 16, 2011

So I’ve been a wee bit sick. I’ve had ailments (far more than I’d like) that even chicken soup couldn’t soothe. It hasn’t been fun. This weather hasn’t helped either.

So this is what my plate is looking like right now: Full, fresh and vibrant. Fresh and vibrant is how I’d like to feel again.

I’m well aware that you can heal your body with food, just as easily as you can harm your body with food. Reverse nutrition and reverse consumption. I’m doing it. And by it I mean a detox. A bit of a spring cleaning to finally rid my self of: pain, fatigue and discomfort (for the PG readers).

Luckily, meat is not on the no, thank you list. Yes, luckily. You know I love me some meat (pork….). I do enjoy it.

On my please list is:

Green veggies galore

Juices- involving any greens and some fruits

Gluten- free grains: rice, buckwheat, amaranth, millet, quinoa

Organic meats

Select fruits

Yes, as you may have guessed this is a vegetable and grain-based eating lifestyle which I will be embarking on for a few weeks plus. Starch, Sugar, Dairy, Gluten and Alcohol are not invited. I’m dealing…really I’m dealing.

Garbanzo bean salad with carrots, celery, cabbage, almonds

I’m snacking on garbanzo bean salad, dressed with lemon, garlic and olive oil. It’s lively (do you believe me?). Now that I look at the picture, it’s not tangy feta I want to embellish this salad with (from head to toe), but bacon. Crispy bacon. That’s allowed. I promise.

While I’ve got this detox/ juicing thing underhand, what I really need help with now is keeping me from the Ferry Building. I’ve mentioned I enjoy taking lunch there on many a Thursday. Tomorrow is Thursday and something special. Something entirely new, and mouth-watering. And most definitely incredible.

You see, I wish I didn’t follow those damn (and glorious) 4505 Meats people on Twitter. Then I would have never have known they are serving up a Reuben tomorrow during the Thursday Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building.. Advertised as: Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Russian sauce on Tartine Rye bread. Could there also be swiss? And will it be stacked, layered and luscious? Will it be more satisfying and brilliant than their Lamb Merguez Zilla-styled? Because it was.Truly.

Oh, my. It’s clear I’m really excited. I just about retweeted that twice. I can taste that Reuben right now. I love a good Reuben.It’s been a long while since I’ve had a great Reuben (with a cream soda). I know it will be all.of.that. Because 4505 Meats is all.of.that.

I smell relapse. This is a cry for help (said quietly). Surely you didn’t think this post would be all about beautiful vegetables and select fruits?

Corned Beef is definitely on my please, thank you list. Let it be known.

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