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Nordic Bakery

June 6, 2011

Like a beacon in the night, we saw the sign from afar. It read: Bakery. To be more precise it read:  Nordic Bakery. This peaked interest even more.

It was one of those leisurely afternoons in London. It was sunny and in the high 60’s and one of those rare occasions you couldn’t actually believe was taking place. We’d spent the earlier part of the day taking in the Tracey Emin exhibit at the Hayward gallery. This was followed by a bit of shopping and lunch at a random pub around Carnaby street. We ordered a Fish and Chips and a pint of ale, so by the late afternoon we were slightly in need of a hand-held pick-me up.

The Nordic Bakery was the perfect place to sit for a moment, rest the feet and enjoy a late afternoon latte with a slice of Nordic pastry. The service was kind and unpretentious and the space was devoid of overhead music of any kind. The type of place my partner would refer to as “civilized”.

Slice of marble cake and a slice of a sort of cinnamon roll covered in sliced almonds. Both were perfectly delicious with a cup of their strong coffee.

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