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August 29, 2011

I decided to delete all the ramblings about Aziza (I made in a previous post about how much I adore this place) and let the images speak for themselves.

Now just close your eyes and imagine it. Pure food alchemy.

The meal and the whole experience at Aziza is simple perfection. Honestly I can’t imagine anything better.

Prawn/ corn, black garlic, yolk, shellfish

Albacore/ sashimi, squid, black olive, scallion, sea beans

Broccoli/ radish, beech mushroom, hazelnut

Meatballs/ grape, jicama, herbs

Cauliflower/couscous, almond, castelvetrano, harissa

the hand-made couscous

Squab/ fig, turnip, corn, fig leaf emulsion

Two bites taken from the

Mint Bavarian/ lime-buttermilk granita, hibiscus, pistachio

Always a splendid experience.

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  1. Maria permalink
    August 13, 2012 10

    I *want* so badly to one day eat at this place
    With you my dear friend….

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