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Beet & Vegetable soup

December 4, 2011

On this appropriately rainy December day, this is my offering to you. A simple vegetable soup that’s heavy with beets, green beans, spinach, carrots, celery, onion, garlic and padron peppers. It’s also swimming with cappellini. Because I happen to love cappellini and it was in closer reach than the brown rice. Applaud me.

I garnish my bowl with a good dollop of greek yogurt. Beets and yogurt are perfect together. In case you didn’t know…..I hope it brings warmth, joy and equilibrium to your table.

In a large soup pot, brown about 5 cloves of garlic in olive oil. Add chopped onion (1), chopped celery and carrot ( 2 or 3 of ea.) and continue to saute until soft. Add chopped padron peppers ( about 5 or 6 depending how hot you like it). Add salt and pepper to taste. Add water and fill about half way. Add chopped green beans and beets. Put the lid on and go sit down with your glass of wine. When vegetables are al dente, add fresh spinach (tear with your hands) and as much pasta (hand full) or rice (about 1 cup) as you like. Taste for seasoning. Fresh herbs would have been nice had I had some, so I decided to keep it simple and let the vegetables speak clearly for themselves. They did.

Incidentally I picked up the green beans (heaping pile below), spinach, padron peppers, tomatoes and a butternut squash at the Wednesday Urban Harvest Farmer’s Market at City Hall. It is quite a cute market with an interesting turnout in the middle of the week. I’m slowly getting accustomed and acclimated again. As for the green beans, I’ve barely scratched the surface. I either need to make a casserole (joking) or poach some eggs and crisp some bacon…but back to that craving for basil pesto with cappellini. Of course with green beans.

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