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Tastes like Chicken

December 9, 2011

deep fried Red fish head

“It tastes like chicken,” is what I told the older of my two nephews one recent afternoon while presenting him with an afternoon snack. I was accompanying my nephews (ages 4 and 7) back to their Montessori school for a little fundraising event, and I came bearing snacks to recharge their little batteries. I must say that deep-fried red fish head is certainly a step up from the usual Pirates Booty (amazing cheddar popped goodness) I bring. Only snag is that M. doesn’t like fish. So I was kinda sneaky and told him it was a taco filled with some mango and cucumber, and something else….and oh by the way, it might be a little spicy. I wanted him to try it. I knew it was a good taco and I really had a feeling he’d like it. So he grabbed the taco from my hand and I turned away while he began eating it. Furiously.

In between these furious bites, I attempted to distract him by directing him to look at a kid in a funny cape. And at a very fat cat that was crossing the street. It worked. He kept eating and enjoying the fish head taco.

His mom (my step-sister) got into the car and I casually brought up that M. was such a foodie (Well he is.Favorite food: Gruyère and pitted green olives) and how he had just eaten a delicious red fish head taco with mango and cucumber. His Mom was equally impressed, as last time she checked (5 minutes prior), he didn’t like, nor would he eat fish. At all.

There was some brief hissing, hollering and shrieking, from he. Then it sunk in and he sat back and seemed to gloat in the fact that he had just eaten the meat (fish meat) from a deep fried, red fish head. He thought it was cool and good, as much as he made a fuss about being tricked into eating fish. And he still brings it up. It’s now an ongoing joke.

Truth: it did taste a little like chicken and everything tastes that much better deep fried. Wouldn’t you agree?

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