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Boiling bones

March 27, 2012

Now that Summer has arrived (basically) I need to write about soup, as unless it is cold I won’t be eating soup anytime soon. Seemed like not  long ago ( about a month) soup was all I was eating. Perhaps it was because I had quite a few leftover bones hanging around, and it seemed like an easy thing to do with them: cover said bones with water, add some herbs or garlic, boil, simmer, strain.

After I seared frog legs for lunch last month, I saved the bones (as few and small as they were). Really I did. I threw them in a little sauce pan, added some mint and lemon and boiled them. Then I strained the liquid and added Pederson Farm sausage, pork dumplings, and a handful of parsley. Truth be told, I was sort of cleaning out the fridge as well. Truth also be told, I wanted to see what flavor if any could be extracted from the frog bones. It ended up working quite well one brisk night. I might also note that the bones were not distinctively distinct. This is also o.k.

Then there were the remains of the bone marrow bones I roasted for dinner one night. Guess what? I saved those little bones as well. They were also added to a pot, covered with water, boiled and strained. To his broth I added spinach, shredded chicken and capellini. It looked something like this. That red stuff is Valentina sauce, in case you were wondering (it makes everything magical. Yes, everything).

Last but not least the bones of chicken. Of course I saved those chicken bones. They also were placed into a pot, covered with water, along with bay, thyme and lemon. Once drained, I added the stock to cauliflower that I’d been sautéing with onions and garlic. It was all pureed together and made for a hearty and enjoyable lunch. A stale baguette also magically came back to life (as croutons) with the help of good olive oil, a saute pan and a variety of herbs.

Bones are always worth saving. Waste nothing in the kitchen, especially your own. Thought to share.

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