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July 23, 2012

Watermelon radish with ginger, sage and degi mirch

There hasn’t been a ton of home cooking as of late. Or at least none that I care to photo or share with you. Really its been quite simple. Seared steak with herbs, a careful pasta tossed with olive oil, garlic and whatever greens and vegetables are around. Or something involving corn tortillas and eggs. Again, simple.
Incidentally, I’ve been out of the Bay for over 8 months now and have yet to explore (properly) the food in my new city.
Here are a few places on the top of my list to try soon:

Oxheart – Regarded as one of the most exciting restaurants to open this year. The whole concept is truly a breath of fresh air and exactly what this city needs: fresh air. I’m ready to take my place in line.

Pizaro’s Pizza– I’m a fan of an excellent charred and thin crust pizza. From what I understand, this is the place for that sort of thing. Plus it’s BYOB, which means I can bring my own Honig!

Brennan’s– Burnt and rebuilt, practically an institution for some 40 years. Definitely intrigued by what could be classically average or actually very exciting. I like exciting. Turtle soup?

Hugo’s – Have heard so many good things of this regional Mexican restaurant and failed to eat here years ago. Can’t wait to try the infamous Brunch.

Kata Robata – because this place constantly comes up and I’m curious by what I hear Chef Hori is doing with sushi.

And more to try..



Crawfish and Noodles

Radical Eats?




Pass and Provisions


Spindle Top- for a martini and view

And to Return…




Cafe Pita

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