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The stars at night….

October 18, 2011

So I’m not in Texas 24 hours and what happens? I’m dragged off to Lockhart to eat BBQ. Tragic isn’t it. And I’d like to say it was my idea but it wasn’t. I sincerely thank my mother for being such an intuitive and wonderful lady, for she took one look at me and said: “You need some BBQ in your life”. Off we went.

According to she, Black’s BBQ is where the locals go. When I was growing up I used to think Lockhart was as far to the end of the world as South Texas was. For a kid, the drive went on and on and on. But back in those days (the roaring 80’s) we drove to Lockhart (to eat at Kreuz Market) from Oak Hill. Oak Hill  at the time was a 2 lane stretch of road between Austin and Johnson City (so it was really far away). There since has been constructed a fancy highway lined with super Targets, Wal-marts and many a H.E.B. that surround the circumference of the capital city. In almost each direction.

The BBQ at Black’s is incredibly good. I’m an Iron Works fan all the way, but I must admit the links (pork), the ribs (beef and pork) and the brisket (beef) at Black’s are all really amazing. They also give you the option of sauce. I like that option. To my surprise I neither wanted it or needed it. For sides I helped my self to some macaroni and cheese (Velvetta yum), black-eyed peas laced heavily with bacon, cornbread, deviled eggs (bad), pickles and potato salad (meh). Shiner Bock rounded out the meal and we passed on dessert as well, it’s not so much what they do. I’d rather focus and celebrate what Black’s does best and that clearly is the meat.

It was also nice to see a stuffed jackalope. It had been a while.

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